Top 20 Philippine Beaches

Lounge on the top 20 beaches of the Philippines! The Philippines is an archipelago with over 7000 islands and has the 5th largest coastline in the world. This means there are thousands of tropical beaches to choose from! Read on to learn about the country’s top beaches.

Top 20 Philippine Colleges

Choosing one of the top 20 universities in the Philippines to study is one of the biggest decisions you will ever make. Schools in the Philippines are home to local and international students seeking quality education for a brighter future ahead. We have compiled a list of the best universities for international students.

Top 20 Philippines Attractions

They say it’s more fun in the Philippines, so we please put our slogan to the test! We have put together our list of the top 20 Philippine attractions especially for you. We hope when you read our travel news you can chose between destinations. Maybe Luzon, or  Visayas or maybe Mindanao. We encourage you to experience the beauty of the Philippines.

Scientists find new goby fish species in the Philippines, 2 others in Japan

Scientists from the Philippines and Japan have came upon a brand new species of goby fish within the province of Palawan within the Philippines and two new species in Okinawa, Japan.

The brand new species present in Palawan has been named Lentipes palawanirufus which when translated approach “crimson Lentipes goby of Palawan.”

The species present in Okinawa had been named Lentipes kijimuna and Lentipes bunagaya, impressed through the red-colored wooden spirits, Kijimuna and Bunagaya, from Okinawan folks mythology.

The outline of the brand new species have been detailed in a record printed within the magazine, Systematics and Biodiversity and posted at the Okinawa Institute of Science and Generation Graduate College web site.

The record was once shared through the Philippine Biodiversity and Conservation Basis Inc. (PBCFI) social media web page.

“The names have been impressed through Kijimuna and Bunagaya, who’re wooden spirits in Okinawan folks mythology in most cases portrayed as having crimson hair or pores and skin,” stated Dr. Ken Maeda, first creator of the learn about and personnel scientist within the Marine Eco-Evo-Devo Unit on the Okinawa Institute of Science and Generation Graduate College (OIST).

“Like their namesakes, those two new species have crimson markings on their frame,” he added.

Lentipes kijimuna was once the primary species came upon again in 2005. In 2010, Maeda discovered 3 extra male fish in Okinawa with the similar distinctive crimson color and picked up one among them for later learn about. After which in 2012, he came upon a 2d colour morph, additionally male.

It was once all over surveys of freshwater fish in Palawan between 2015 and 2018 in a collaboration challenge between OIST and the Western Philippines College that Maeda discovered men that displayed a 3rd variation in colour, with a vibrant crimson head and a reddish-brown decrease frame. — BAP, GMA Information